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One of the best EVER

Wow guys. Just amazing.

Idea is amazing.
Gameplay is new.
Replay Value, just wow.

For anyone having trouble:

Get that Golden Voucher, and be sure to start a chain with it. Always be sure you have enough money for the next one. And the divine edge is BEAST.

Divine Edge + Anything over the flame sword = 1hit KO.

As to what the voucher does, I'm certain it has something to do with gold. I had 20 gold leftover after I bought it. Used it in a battle, and came out of the battle with +1500 gold.

Tips for the game: Armor is the best thing to upgrade, watch your soul and get those bloody vouchers!

Overall, I would pay good money for a bigger and more advanced version of the game. LOVE IT!


Layton with a laser gun.

How does that not get 10/10 every time?

Loved the game!

To me things seemed a TEENY BIT too pricy. But other then that, and the face theres no way to win...it was awesome! I wouldn't mind a #2 of this game ^^

Just not the same...

Without Pinkie Pie, its just a game with a pony...its not the same >.<

Could be so much better

Whenever theres too many guys on the screen, it freezes, which means i cant use spells, which lets the quicker guys kill the queen, make a Quality button so i can actually beat hard mode (Which would have been easier if it didn't freeze!)

What a great game!!

At first, I looked at this and said. "What? 12 quests? Pfft." But man, those quests took me a while. All completed though! Level 38!

At first Wooly was UBER hard, until you learn to just stay away from the walls. I'd replay this, but im so tired...Great game anyways, make more of these!

Great little game

This should be an Ipod game.

Great so far

One thing I didn't like, and the only reason I gave this a nine is because you weren't aloud to use your starter on the Boss level. This made level grinding much harder because Veridian Forest is hard to train at...


Can anyone say "Robot Unicorn Attack"?

Yes! Full version!!


Muja responds:

Thank you! ^_^ Hope you'll have fun!

Elycia! Shes like my own escort of cuteness!

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