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Same problem

I always get an 'F' in grapefruit class, too.


And Goku only had to go SSJ1.

Sonic needs much more training.

SXR123 responds:

LOL, if I had SSJ 2 goku sprites in that format I might've made sonic go hyper XD


I was unimpresed until the monologue.


Ed's hair is lighter then Als. Which you show when you see the fron of their heads, but on the back, Al's is darker.
The chalkboard at first shouldn't be considered the gate, but the monologue explained it.
Al came back inside ths suit of armor leaving no residue behind, they would have taken his shirt too.

But I'm just being nit-picky now. I loved it.

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One of the best EVER

Wow guys. Just amazing.

Idea is amazing.
Gameplay is new.
Replay Value, just wow.

For anyone having trouble:

Get that Golden Voucher, and be sure to start a chain with it. Always be sure you have enough money for the next one. And the divine edge is BEAST.

Divine Edge + Anything over the flame sword = 1hit KO.

As to what the voucher does, I'm certain it has something to do with gold. I had 20 gold leftover after I bought it. Used it in a battle, and came out of the battle with +1500 gold.

Tips for the game: Armor is the best thing to upgrade, watch your soul and get those bloody vouchers!

Overall, I would pay good money for a bigger and more advanced version of the game. LOVE IT!


Layton with a laser gun.

How does that not get 10/10 every time?

Loved the game!

To me things seemed a TEENY BIT too pricy. But other then that, and the face theres no way to win...it was awesome! I wouldn't mind a #2 of this game ^^

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Lets do another Christmas!

I watched this once, and figured it deserved about a 6...
short, simple, so, its not that great.

Then I watched it again....and again....and again!!

Now I found a loop of it?!


Just awesome.

lolz I totally got this message...

Thats exactly what I thought...This is possibly the best thing I've ever heard...

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Vivian Jr.

You've got to let me name this one after a pony.

Pretty Good ^^

And French is pretty easy...I can speak it fluently...but thats only cuz i live in French Canada...Although I know like, 5 french people and 10000 of english people...weird...

Nice drawing through ^^


Can you draw DBZ Yamcha for me? Please?

TheManofSteal13 responds:

Sure, I'm actually a really big Yamcha fan myself.

Elycia! Shes like my own escort of cuteness!

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